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  Sonic Soul Resonance (14/02/10)

                                                           **New Track

         In the spirit of Valentine's Day, I'm posting this song written and performed by Vic Urosevic the lead singer, guitar player from the band "Third Plain."  This was the very first song I ever recorded for Vic when he first stepped foot in The Vibratory.  He played and sang this song while I recorded it live and then he added the second guitar track after.  Perhaps some day when we have time, we will get back in the studio to record a more produced version but for today, it's not about the quality of the recording so much as the content of the song.  We at The Vibratory would like to dedicate this song to the women we absolutely adore.  Hope you like it and Happy Valentine's Day to you all!

                                          **Check it out Pushed You Away

Dark Lightning (27/11/09)

                                                           **New Track

         Here's a song that was written in the original Vibratory Studio on Joseph Street in Kitchener, Ontario.  Inspired by the legendary Beastie Boys, this track has a good heavy rockin' feel that is sure to get your head bangin'!!!

                                             **Check it out That's Who I Am

Sonic Soul Resonance (14/11/09)

                                                          **New Track 

          This song was written almost four years ago and was recorded a year and a half ago.  It was put on hold to work on other projects but we finally added the sax track and it is now ready for the public ear.  By no means is it meant to offend anyone and was only written in good fun. We hope you enjoy it.

                                           **Check it out When She's Drunk

Third Plain (02/09/09)

          We at The Vibratory and the members of Third Plain would like to thank everyone who made it out to The Starlight Cub in uptown Waterloo on Monday night (31/08/09) for the release of Third Plain's new album "Error 7." We would also like to extend a special thanks to the band members of Made By A Virus for a spectacular show to open up the evening, to The Starlight Cub for allowing us to celebrate this special day in their fine establishment and finally, to the chefs who helped prepare the exquisite feast for everyone involved in the making of "Error 7" before the show.  We hope that everyone who attended had a full on, electric good time!!!

Sonic Soul Resonance (18/05/09)

         The other day I was going through the archive of tracks that I've recorded over the years and came across a great one we wrote three or four years ago.  I realize that the drum levels are kind of low and there could be more work done to it to make it sound a little more professional sounding but unfortunately I can't seem to find the project files to make the necessary adjustments.  Perhaps sometime in the future I can dial it in a little better but for now, I hope you will listen to it with a forgiving ear because I definitely think that it deserves a listen.

                                           **Check it out: Sick Of The Police

Die Electric (04/05/09)

         After many long hours of mad sound experiments, we at The Vibratory are pleased to announce that the first five of six Die Electric tracks are finally finished and available to you the public.  Watch for the final track "Throat Glows" to be released in the near future. 

                                 Feel free to check out their new tracks now!


Third Plain (05/02/09)

        From the depths of K-W's Club Abstract emerges "Third Plain."  A band formed by two of the club's most valued employees, Victor Urosevic and Jared Kingsland, with K-W native Elvis Raposo rounding out the trio, bringing his own unique drum style to the mix. For a brief taste of their musical prowess, you can check them out every Monday night at Waterloo's Rude Native where they host the open jam night.  If you're in the mood, head down for an evening of full on entertainment. You won't be disappointed.  Feel free to check out the new "Third Plain" tracks recorded live during one of their band rehearsals and keep an eye out for the studio recorded versions to be posted upon completion.


Die Electric (10/11/09)

         Kitchener-Waterloo's hot, new band "Die Electric" has graced our presence in the studio to record six of their very own, all original songs that are sure to be an instant success.  Although they are new to the music scene, they rock like a canoe in the midst of a raging typhoon and I have no doubt that they are sure to blow your mind away.  They first caught my ear when I heard them open for "Puncturevine" at Club Abstract and sealed the deal when I witnessed their amazing performance as the headline act at the Circus Room.  I strongly urge you to keep an eye out for "Die Electric" as they are prone to, and soon to be known for, leaving every venue electrified.



                                                Check out their new track


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