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Sonic Soul Resonance Lower Level Dark Lightning  

                                           Sonic Soul Resonance
                                                                Recorded and Mixed in The Vibratory
                                  ** The "Sonic Soul Resonance" is a compilation of music that has been written, 
                                    performed, recorded and/or produced by The Vibratory unless otherwise noted.
                                                              **New Track
                                                                    Pushed You Away
                                                                    Written and Arranged by: Vic Urosevic
                                                                    Performed by: Vic Urosevic
     When She's Drunk                                                                              Sick Of The Police
     Written by: Brett Hill                                                                           Music Written by: Clint E.
                       Anthony Loy                                                                                                 Shaun McFee
     Brett Hill: Vocals, Guitars                                                                                                Anthony Loy
     Anthony Loy: Vocals, Bass, Keys, Drums                                            Lyrics Written by: "Money" Mike Hornyak
     Kevi Samplezrad: Saxophone                                                            Mike Hornyak: Vocals
                                                                                                               Clint E: Guitar
                                                                                                               Shaun McFee: Bass
                                                                                                               Anthony Loy: Drums
     Kickin' Down
     Written & Arranged by: Anthony Loy
     Performed by: Anthony Loy
     Better Way
     Written by: Brett Hill
     Arranged by: Anthony Loy
     Brett Hill: Vocals, Rhythm Guitars
     Anthony Loy: Lead Guitar, 
                           Bass, Drums
As You Wish
Written & Arranged by: Anthony Loy
Performed by: Anthony Loy
A 'Lil Abstract
Written & Arranged by:
            Anthony Loy &
            Shaun McFee
Shaun McFee: Vocals, Bass,
Anthony Loy: Vocals, Guitars,
                      Drums, Trumpet, 



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